On death, hatred – and hope

A part of each of us died this past week. We mourn the death of three in Kansas City, and three who planned to run last year in the Boston Marathon. But hope rises after a season of lament.

Social justice and salvation in the black church

“Social justice is important, but the primary role of the Church is to lead people to Christ,” a black pastor announced in St. Louis just days before the launching of the Movement for a Moral Missouri.

I never thought I would hear a black minister assert that the work of social justice is less important than conversion.

What Moral Monday is really about

Moral Monday isn’t about political parties or candidates. It is about a communal rage that transcends the way we talk about public policy decisions. And it’s coming to Missouri.

In the footsteps of King

How do you walk in the footsteps of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? One can walk gently and pretend it doesn’t matter. Or, you can pick up the mantle and continue the climb toward the top of the mountain where dreams are found.

What’s the big deal with Michael Sam?

In the minds of the students on campus at the University of Missouri, Michael Sam’s being gay is no big deal. Why is the press making this news, my students asked? Their response forced me to consider their context. My eyes were blown wide open.

Byndom making Baha’i history with City Council run

Baha’is don’t usually run for political office. But Columbia’s own Tyree Byndom is doing just that as he runs for City Council. In making his decision, he stood in the middle of two callings: Byndom stood in the middle of two callings: the one to honor the teachings of his faith tradition, and the other to concede the needs of the African American community.